Body to Body Massage

The ultimate private massage London experience is the full body massage in london , an exquisite Tantric massage journey.Relaxx masasage Massage London offer premium luxury massages incorporating the sexiest full body glide massage moves and techniques.
What is a body to body/body glide massage?
This type of massage involves both the recipient and therapist being completely nude. It is almost always part of a sensual, sexual, and erotically stimulating massage. Candles will be lit, the room will be infused with delicious smelling incense and soft music will be playing gently in the background. It is also known as erotic bodyslide massage, body glide massage, b2b massage, body2body massage, reverse massage, or bodysliding.
Enjoy your incredible journey of intense sensual pleasure. Your beautiful massage therapist will gently caress your body with luxury warmed massage oil before proceeding to slowly and rhythmically glide up and down your entire body with her own. Experience the slippery, silky quality of touch that will take you on an intimate spiritual journey into the deepest realms of intimacy, pleasure and sexual fulfillment.
Slippery and oily body2body massage is super sexy and feels fantastic for both you and your masseuse. Experiencing a body glide massage is very rhythmic and therefore extremely soothing. Your sexy nude masseuse, sleek with velvety massage oil, will use all parts of her body and hands to massage your whole body. Your entire skin will be caressed with her satiny skin for the ultimate body on body massage feeling.
A full Bodyslide massage has been practiced across the world in different styles. It is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, especially in London. The RelaxxMassage involves best body 2 body massage techniques incorporated from Thai erotic massage, erotic Asian massage, and sexy Australian bodysliding. It is also infused with Japanese erotic massage techniques including the world famous nuru massage, which is a sexy massage that involves a clear ultra slippery massage gel.
For the ultimate hedonistic body slide and slippery gliding touch experience you will love your Relaxx Massage. A unique and erotic massage, a body on body massage is extremely arousing and stimulating. This spectacular skin to skin massage will awaken your senses and is designed to ignite your Kundalini energy.

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